We Have Been Dangerized

Thanks to Lenore Skenazy for her poignant blog post/article in response to the near-incomprehensible Lieby Kletzky tragedy.


The fact is that we DO decide in a most irrational fashion what fears to pay attention to.  Sure, the media helps a lot!  And then we obsess, often to the point of unintended and unwanted consequences.

The day after they found Lieby’s body in New York City, our site had a field trip planned; we were taking a small group of 24 five-and-six-year-olds to the Zoo.

24 children with 7 adults.

Two families pulled out of the trip- too dangerous, they said (“…you heard about that kid in New York, didn’t you?”).

At least four other families expressed concern about the trip (“you’re sure you’ll be watching them?”– as if we hadn’t been all this time, but now we were kicking around the idea we should start).

I understand the parental pull to protect your kids.  I’m a parent, too.    I get it.

As a care provider, I’m also always humbled by the trust the parents place in us every day we take care of their kids.  I always strive to keep that trusting bond at the fore of my thoughts (and remind the other staff to be aware as well) as we move through our daily activities.

And, at the same time, I really get it.  I get how freaking irrational our fears can be when driven by sensationalism.  In many ways, we are still the 5-year-old kid worried about the monster from the movie that we’re sure is lurking there under our bed.


3 responses to “We Have Been Dangerized

  1. Great post

  2. I’m not certain on the definition of dangerized, I am positive
    that Lieby Kletsky would agree with your opinion, if he were still here, But he’s not, and I’m sure your job has it’s challenges, media storm or not.
    The thing is that making a blanket statement won’t make people heal any faster. This horrible incident doesn’t just touch those with young children, it
    takes us all back to when we were eight years old,
    when we were lost on a street somewhere, and how we innocently asked an adult for help. Lieby Kletsky is an angel, an angel who didn’t get to his destination here on earth, but is now at home with God. Lieby’s life, like the lives of so many children, represents the profound innocence and trust most children have, and we as their parents, aunts, uncles, guardians and community leaders need to know that Lieby Kletsky’s death is an urgent call, that the world at large is a dangerous place, and we can’t be emotional bungee jumpers when it comes to our children, we have an obligation to be vigilant, mindful, and caring. My cousin, Pharmacist Raymond Ferguson, along with three other wonderful people, killed in Medford, Long Island, are also part of a sad wave of disturbing occurances, that make us all stand still and cry.

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